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Graphics and Construction
Course Outline

The course is divided into 4 modules 2 of which are completed in each year.

Year 1

Module 1: Graphics & Construction Studies (September – February)

This module is mandatory and consists of an introduction to graphics, graphics in the community and workplace. Topics covered include orthographic projection, ellipse, plane figures, developments.

Module 2: Woodcraft: (February – June)

Students introduced to traditional jointing methods, glues, finishes etc.

Module 3: Toy making (September – February)

Students introduced to basic principles of toy making including health & safety issues. They also evaluate existing designs. They must design and make a toy with a secondary movement.

Module 4: Building Services (February – June)

This includes and introduction to plumbing/heating, drainage.

Project Work

Practical work is on-going over the 2 years and is linked to the modules being covered. Students make traditional woodworking joints as part of module 2, a toy with a secondary movement as part of module 3 and a model of plumbing as part of module 4. They also present a task during session 3 which is an item of furniture with a minimum of 10 hours work.


Assessment is on going. Students must complete 4 key assignments for each module, in addition to this they must present a task in January of session 3 which is assessed by and external examiner. There is also a final year project which is issued in February. Students have a choice of 4 projects. The finished project must be finished and presented for interview in early June.

There is also a written assessment in June of year 2. This consists of one paper of 1.5 hour duration.



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