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August 2012

                                                                                                                                  20th August 2012

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Good News

Buoyed by excellent exam results last week we are really looking forward to welcoming students back to school next week.  Our Leaving Cert students were rewarded for their hard work with outstanding results. It was great to see them so happy and appreciative. Congratulations to all the students, their families and their teachers. 

Calendar & Dates

Tuesday August  28th

6th, 3rd & 1st Year students return for 9.10am class  -  Buses Run    

Wednesday August 29th

5th, LCA,  TY & 2nd Year students for 9.10am class  -  Buses Run   

October Mid-term break

29th October to 2nd November inclusive

Christmas Holidays

School closes 21st December  - Re-opens 7th January 2013

February Mid-term break

11th  - 15th February inclusive

Easter Holidays

25th March - 5th April inclusive


School Website & Communication

We intend to make more use of the school website www.glenamaddycs.ie. as a means of communication. School news, policies, programmes, practices and photos are available there at the click of a button. 

Personal & Social Awareness Week

The Pastoral Care Team in association with the Parents’ Association is organising a Personal & Social Awareness Week from 17th - 21st September with speakers on anti-bullying, substance abuse, health issues, road safety and social media usage. Students are urged to bring their own healthy lunch to school. A wider range of savoury food will be available in the canteen this year. Fizzy drinks are not allowed.

School Uniform

We compliment all students who wear the school uniform impeccably. If you ever have a question about the uniform please contact us. Please note the following:

  • Students must wear black shoes. Pumps, keds or runners are not allowed.
  • Girls wear the school skirt or navy school pants. Skirts are to be worn on or below the knee.
  • Students may not wear track suit pants.
  • Students wear a white top and any colour shorts for P.E class.
  • Girls may wear a pair of earrings. Facial piercing is prohibited for safety reasons.  


Computer Fetac Level 5 Course

Would you like to join our very successful Fetac Level 5 Business Secretarial Computer/ECDL/ Accounting course?  Tuition times and days are flexible and we cater for all levels.  Please contact the school for details.

Come to School

Students are expected to attend school everyday. As a general rule there are no free days or half days, no days off for matches etc. If there is no school due to an emergency we will text you. Please call if you ever have any doubt. Details of Parent-Teacher Meetings will be forwarded to you in September. 

Book Rental Scheme

Thanks to funding from the Dept. of Education and the Parents’ Association, we intend to operate the book rental scheme again this year as outlined below.

1st Years 

Schoolbooks can be collected on Thursday & Friday 23rd & 24th August (10-4pm). The rental fee is €80 each year and is payable on the day of collection. The fee includes €70 book rental, €5 school diary & €5 locker key. 

2nd Years

€80 due on return August 29th 2012. This includes €70 book rental, €5 school diary & €5 locker key.

3rd Years

€80 due on return August 28th 2012. This includes €70 book rental, €5 school diary & €5 locker key.

5th Years

A book rental scheme commences for Fifth Years this year. Books will be distributed to students during the first week back in August on payment of an annual fee of €80 which includes the school diary and locker key. This amount is due on 5th September 2012.

Code of Good Behaviour

We ask parents to read the Code of Good Behaviour in the School Journal with their children. The Code, when signed, forms a contract for good conduct with the school.  For our code to work the support and cooperation of parents and students is vital. Students will be rewarded for good behaviour and sanctioned for misbehaviour. 

  • Students are not allowed down town before or during school.  Parents are asked to drop their children at the school only. Buses will drop off students at the school only.
  • Students are asked to respect the local cemetery and Church grounds.
  • Please do not allow your son or daughter drive to school. The school cannot take responsibility for students driving to or from school or giving lifts to other students. 
  • Evening Detention will take place on Friday evening in order to deter disruptive behaviour and encourage positive behaviour.
  • Students may not use mobile phones, cameras, ipods or other electronic devices in school. If used they will be confiscated.
The School Journal - Absence Notes

The School Journal provides a means for communication between the school and home. Please use the absence and lateness slips as required for National Education Welfare Board records. It is good to check your child’s journal regularly – it will tell you a lot about what they are doing or are not doing as the case may be. 

We ask parents to come to reception to sign out their child if they are going home early - students must have a note from their parents/Guardian or signed permission from their Yearhead. Students must get prior permission from their Yearhead and the office before ringing home or signing out during the school day.

Phone calls between students and parents during the school day should be through the office.

Evening Study/Homework Club

Evening Study takes place every evening from 4-6pm and is recommended for exam students especially. Homework Club for Junior Students where a teacher assists students with their work will commence in the coming weeks also.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us. Best wishes for the new school year.

Yours sincerely,

James Duignan




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