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                                                                                                                8th January 2013


Management, Leadership and Learning

Whole School Inspection Report


Dear Parents/Guardian,

The Board of Management recently received The Whole School Evaluation, Management Leadership and Learning Report from the Inspectorate in the Department of Education and Skills. The report followed an in-depth inspection of our school last March, when two inspectors visited and met with students, staff, parents and management of the school.  The Inspectors were very impressed with our school and they issued an extremely positive assessment of life in Glenamaddy Community School.

Equally encouraging was the response of parents and students of Second Year and Fifth Year when surveyed by questionnaire with over 90% saying there was ‘a good atmosphere in school’, ‘the school is well run’ and ‘my child is doing well in school’

The Board of Management was delighted with such endorsements of the school and the affirmation of the tremendous work being done by those involved in the school community. It was particularly pleased that the Inspectorate complimented and noted the following in the report:


  • The commitment of the Board of Management to enhancing students’ learning experience by its interest in curriculum provision, its prioritisation of student support and its commitment to develop the quality of students’ educational experience while attentive to the appropriate allocation of resources.
  • The Board functions very well and its members are dedicated in their service to the school.
  • The support of the trustees is evident at board level and in the ethos of the school.
  • This is a well-managed school.
  • Senior management provides very good leadership. There is strong evidence of distributed leadership.
  • Student support receives a high priority with well-managed student-care systems in place.
  • The timetable is well structured.
  • An inclusive approach to student care is a school priority. This very positive feature of the school was reflected in the interactions observed at school level and from the responses of students and parents to questionnaires.
  • A broad co-curricular and extracurricular programme is available.
  • Senior management is supported by a good level of volunteerism among staff in terms of engagement with extracurricular and co-curricular activities. This is also evident where some teachers have taken on additional duties outside of the formal post of responsibility structure.
  • The school is well maintained and the resources available to support teaching and learning are very good.
  • The quality of teaching and learning was good in the majority of lessons observed.
  • The principal and deputy principal provide good leadership to staff and they operate effectively as a team. They lead by example and by establishing systems to communicate with staff thereby ensuring the smooth running of the school. This collaborative approach is reflected in the support that they receive from the school staff.
  • The school’s environment is very vibrant, reflecting the range of student activity undertaken.
  • Very good links exist with feeder primary schools and these aid in the management of students’ transition from primary to post-primary school
  • The school’s management has a very hands-on approach to student care and endeavours to respond quickly on a needs basis to issues as they arise.
  • The parents’ association is very supportive of the school.
  • The school’s excellent facilities are well managed, clean and very good use is made of the available space. A very good range of facilities and resources is available to support teaching and learning.
  • Good use is made of ICT both as an administrative tool and in teaching and learning.
  • Excellent attention has been paid by both teachers and the school’s management to structuring the school’s physical environment to support students’ learning.
  • Good emphasis was also given to health and safety requirements in specialist lessons where appropriate.
  • Good progress has been made in implementing recommendations with whole-school aspects arising from previous inspection reports.
  • The Board of Management with the strong support of the principal takes a lead role in developing and promoting the school’s self-evaluation processes and strengthening its capacity for improvement.
  • The overarching priority identified is to enhance the quality of education for students. It is clear that the school’s senior management team has a vision for how this can be achieved.


The WSE proved to be a learning experience for all involved. The Inspectorate made recommendations as to how to school can further develop, which the Board accepted and committed itself to addressing.

The Board of Management would like to thank all the educational partners involved in the process: students, staff, parents, Parents’ Association, Board of Management, Trustees and the Inspectorate for their continued support.  Ar Aghaidh Linn le Chéile.


Yours sincerely,



James Duignan

Secretary Board of Management


The full report is available on the www.education.ie - under School Inspection Reports and Whole School Evaluation 29/11/12.





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