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Staff Members

Principal- Mr. Duignan

Deputy Principal- Ms. Gildea


Subject Teachers

Ms. Burke - English, Learning Support Co-ordinator

Ms. Colleran - Religion, English

Mr. Conway - History, Geography, CSPE

Mr. Ó Conbhuí - Irish & Maths

Mr. Conroy - Metalwork & Engineering, LCVP & Computers Ms. Cunniffe - Art & History

Ms. Donoghue - English & Geography

Ms. Fallon - Computers & PLC

Mr. Frain - Woodwork, Construction Studies, Games, Yearhead

Mr. Francis - Irish, Geography & Games

Ms. Feeney- Maths, Music & Religion

Ms. Gildea - Deputy Principal, Maths & Music,

Ms. Griffin - Business, Computers, LCVP

Ms. Hardiman - Career Guidance Counsellor, Chemistry & Science

Mr. Heavey - English & History, Year head

Ms. Hession - Agricultural Science, Science, Physics & Learning Support, TY, LCA,LCVP Co-Ordinator

Ms. Hynes - French & History, Examinations Secretary

Mr. Johnston - Technical Graphics, DCG, Woodwork and Construction Studies

Ms. Kelly - Irish, French & SPHE Mr. Kennedy - Maths & PE

Ms. Lynn - Home Economics, Religion, SPHE

Mr. Lennon - Woodwork, Construction Studies, Technical Graphics, Learning Support, Maths & Games

Ms. Madden - Physical Education & Science

Ms. McDermott - French, Italian & Learning Support

Ms. C. McHugh - Irish, Geography & SPHE

Ms. P. McHugh - Maths & Computers

Ms. O'Flanagan - Chaplain, Religion, Music

Ms. O'Neill - Home Economics, Year head

Ms. O'Shea - Maths, Year head

Ms. Worrall - Maths, Biology & Science

Ms. Vologzhanina


Special Needs Assistants

Ms. O'Neill

Ms. Walsh

Ms. Mannion


Administration Staff

Ms. Fahy

Ms. Kelly



Mr. Cassidy



Glenamaddy Community School, Church Street, Glenamaddy, Via Castlerea, Co. Roscommon, F45KF50


Telephone +353(0)94 9659315 | Fax +353(0)94 9659354 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.