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In October 2016, TY students John Caffrey, John Croghan and John Duignan presented their school radio show for the first time. John Duignan was the host, while John Croghan reported sports news and John Caffrey other general news. There were guest reporters such as David Madden and Cathal Moran. The show was called 'The Free Class FM' and was aired every Friday on the school intercom. Ms Hardiman was the mastermind behind it all and everyone involved put in a great effort. The show stopped airing after the Christmas break.


Week 1: https://t.co/dlADiLB0hA

Week 2: https://t.co/Bf81s4yD5w

Week 3: https://t.co/1UQKIJONTO

Week 4: https://t.co/Nldktn2k4z

Week 5: https://t.co/hLISI2EBu0

Week 6: https://t.co/FVHCf4h0Vs



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