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2nd Year 2019/20

Assessment & Reporting Schedule for 2019/2020 GCS



2nd Year

Year Head(s)

D. Hardiman & A. Conroy

Parent Teacher Meeting(s)

Wednesday, Dec 11th

Continuous Assessment Period(s)

Throughout academic year.

Class Based Assessments (CBAs)

See C.B.A. Sheet


Monday 16th – Friday 20th December, 2019

Monday 25th – Friday 29th May, 2020

Timetables to Follow

Online Reports expected

End of November, 2019

Mid January, 2020

June, 2020


Subject CBA Date Christmas Test Summer Test
English Apr 27th- May 15th Yes No
Irish None Yes Yes
Maths Feb 24th- Mar 13th Yes Yes
Science Jan 27th- Feb 14th Yes Yes
History Jan 27th- Feb 14th Yes Yes
Geography Apr 20th - May 8th Yes No
French Apr 27th- May 15th Yes Yes
Business Jan 6th- Jan 24th Yes Yes
Art Jan-April Yes No
Music Feb 24th- Mar 13th Yes Yes
Home Economics Nov 4th- Dec 20th No Yes
Woodwork None Yes Yes
Metalwork None Yes Yes
Technical Graphics None Yes Yes


Subject   CBA Name   Details   Completion Date  
ENGLISH   Oral Communication   Students are given an opportunity to choose a topic or issue that is of interest or importance to them and to carry out research and then present it to the class.  

27th April  2020

15th May  2020

BUSINESS   Business in Action   Business in Action comprises four stages: conducting research, evaluating information, developing action plans and reporting findings.   

6th Jan  2020

24th Jan  2020

SCIENCE   Extended Experimental Investigation   Students will; formulate a scientific hypothesis, plan and conduct an experimental investigation to test their hypotheses, generate and analyse primary data, and reflect on the process, with guidance by the teacher.  

27th Jan  2020

14th Feb  2020

MFL   Oral Communication   Students will communicate using the format of an interview, role-play, presentation or conversation in response to stimulus material.  

27th April  2020

15th May  2020

From Process to Realisation   Students choose to work from one of a range of given themes to develop their ideas and create a realised work.   Jan-April  2020
MATHS   Mathematical Investigation   A student will, over a three-week period, follow the Problem-solving cycle to investigate a mathematical problem.   

24th Feb  2020

13th March  2020

MUSIC   Composition Portfolio   Students will produce compositions over time to include in their portfolio. From this they will submit two final pieces for assessment.  

24th Feb  2020

13th March  2020

GEOGRAPHY   Geography in the News   Geography in the News provides opportunities for students to engage in practical, authentic learning experiences that reflect the relevance of the study of geography to the world around them. Structured inquiry through a response to recent geographical event(s).  

20th April  2020

8th May  2020

HISTORY   The Past in My Place   The Past in My Place allows students to experience history at a personal level through the study of an issue, event, theme or person relating to their locality. Students will create a display based on local history.  

27th Jan  2020

14th Feb  2020

Creative Textiles   Students will produce evidence of the application of the design brief process to one of the following options: Make a creative textile item for an individual or the home OR Recycle or upcycle a creative textile item for an individual or the home.  

4th Nov  2019

20th Dec 2019



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