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The main aim of the Irish Junior Certificate course is to help students develop their speaking, listening and writing skills in the Irish language.
The course can be broken down as follows:
•    Language Skills:  This section involves the correct use of nouns, verbs, cases and tenses, as well as adjectives and pronouns.
•    Written Language:  Higher-level students will practise writing essays, short stories, debates and newspaper articles.  They will also learn the skills of
    writing conversations, interviews and letters.  The format for ordinary level students is slightly different.  Students use pictures to prompt story/essay
•    Prose literature (for Higher Level students only):  Teachers will select various short stories, dramas or novels which students will study throughout the three years of the Junior Cycle.
•    Poetry (for Higher Level students only):  A selection of poetry will be taught throughout the three years and like the prose section, students will have to be able to identify emotions, main thoughts, themes and tones in the poems.


Assessment is through a combination of written and aural examinations. The aural examination takes place at the same time as the written examination and is worth 31% of the overall marks.



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