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Trip to Greyhound Track

On 27th of March 2013, all 5th year L.C.V.P. students and their teachers went on a visit out to the Galway Greyhound Track. The students also got to meet Galway City Councilor, Niall McNelis, who showed them the new traffic flow system run from the Galway City Council offices.

Students got a tour of the Greyhound statium from Mr. Fintan Monaghan. They were shown the restuarant and bar inside, the kennels as well as getting to see a few greyhounds running time trials on the track.

In the City offices, the students were shown a room that had all the cameras showing the different junctions in the city. They were shown how, you could zoom into each camera to see what was happening as well as control the traffic lights to ease any traffic build up.

It was an enjoyable and informative day for all involved and will students will be able to use the trip for writing up summary reports for their Link Modules Portfolio.

Here is a slideshow of some pictures from the trip.

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