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The Technical Graphics programme is essentially about communicating ideas using Graphics. Before any new idea is developed an inventor or designer must visualise what they wish to achieve, and go through a long process of design, manufacture and refinement before it appears in a retail outlet.  Thomas Edison invented the light bulb after many years’ research and development; this illustrates the time, patience and perseverance it takes for an inventor to develop an idea which will have an impact on society.  Technical Graphics as well as being the language of designers and engineers is also an internationally recognised means of communication and transcends all language barriers.

Junior Cert. Technical Graphics develops the fundamentals of drawing skills and techniques. Some of the main topics covered in the course are:

Plane Figures and Polgyons

Orthographic Projection (Elevation, Plan and End Elevations)


Isometric and Oblique drawing

Ellipses and Parabolas

Transformation Geometry

Auxiliary Projection

Technical Graphics is a huge help with other practical subjects like Woodwork and Metalwork. It also has strong links with the Maths and Art courses.

Project Work

There is no marks given for project work in Technical Graphics at the moment. However, all students work is hands on, as they do drawings each day in class. These drawings are all put into their folders and by the end of Junior Cycle pupils will have a substantial portfolio of drawings.

Students will also be given time to learn how to use CAD package Solidworks to produce 3D models and 2D drawings on screen. This software is used in Senior Cycle Drawing to produce a 40% project so students will have good preparation for that.


Junior Certificate Technical Graphics is examined at both Higher and Ordinary Levels

The exam is two and half hours at Ordinary Level and three hours at Higher Level. It is broken into two sections. Section A has 15 short questions with students marked out of the best 10. Section B has 6 long questions with students marked out of their best 4.



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