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1916 Celebrations

On the 15th of March, schools across Ireland took part in ‘Proclamation Day’. This was a special day for schools to commemorate the events of 1916 and to unveil their ‘Proclamation for a new generation’.  Glenamaddy Community School focussed their commemoration on the events of the 1916 Rising and WWI. In a beautiful ceremony centred around three themes aimed to remember, reflect and reimagine, the students and staff thoughtfully conducted a fitting tribute to those involved. The Tricolour was first unveiled followed by a history of its creation. The Proclamation of the Irish Republic was then read out followed by our ‘Proclamation for a new generation’ which is an image of what our students and staff would like Ireland to become in the future. The TY class unveiled their commemorative art piece which was funded by the NAPD and explained its significance. The local men who lost their lives during the Great War were remembered by the 1st year students and poetry inspired by the Rising and WWI was read by the TY students. Throughout the ceremony, exceptional singing and musical renditions of topical songs such as ‘Grace’, ‘The Foggy Dew’ and ‘A Soldier’s Song’ were conducted by the tradical group and music group. The event concluded with a feeling of hope for the future of Ireland, that it will be a place where the students of Glenamaddy Community School will be able to live and work and will continue to make history for many generations to come. 


Below are some photos taken during the event.

  • 191601
  • 191602
  • 191603
  • 191604
  • 191605
  • 191606
  • 191607
  • 191608
  • 191609
  • 191610
  • 191611
  • 191612


History Outline

History allows students at all levels of ability to develop their understanding of the fundamental aspects of history.  It provides young people with a wide tapestry of past events, issues, people and ways of life through which these can be enabled to see patterns of change and to explore the causes and consequences of that change.  This in turn helps students to identify and develop an understanding of the roots of the contemporary world.

History is also developmental in nature, moving from the simple and the concrete to the complex and abstract.  The subject matter of History is also varied in the different aspects of life that it explores – cultural, economic, political, social and technological. 

History is recognised as an essential medium for the transmission of a cultural inheritance.  It also has a key role to play in preparing students for an informed and participative citizenship.


History reinforces and builds on the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills acquired through the study of history at primary level.  History prepares students for the requirements of further programmes of study, of employment and of life outside full time education.  As an integral element in a broad, well –balanced education at Glenamaddy Community School,  History helps young people to develop a tolerance and respect for the values, belief and traditions of others, and to prepare themselves for the responsibilities of citizenship in a national, European and global context.

1st Year History Fieldtrip 2012

The history fieldtrip for 1st Years will take place on the 30th March 2012.  Students will enjoy a trip to Croke Park and a history tour of the stadium, museum, pitch etc.  The bus will leave GCS at 8.30am approx.  The cost is 20 Euro per student.  A packed lunch should be brought and can be eaten in the stadium.  Students may wear casual clothes but school rules still apply.  If there are any questions about the trip please contact Mr. Conway at GCS.

Field Trips 2012/13

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