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Letter to Returning Students for 2022/2023

Dear Parents, Guardians & Students,    

I hope you and your family are keeping safe and well and are enjoying the summer. We are looking forward to school reopening and are preparing to welcome all our new and returning students. We will continue to follow the advice of the Department of Education and put in place measures and practices to keep all as regular as possible Please click on the link below for details of our recent Back to School Letter.


Book Rental Scheme & iPads  

We continue to operate the book rental at an annual fee of €130 for Junior Cycle students & €150 for Senior Cycle students. Payments may be made online via text sent to your mobile on 5th August. Books cannot be issued without payment. Separately, workbooks and materials for practical subjects may be purchased from the relevant teacher. All students require a school diary and a locker available for €10. 

Contact Details & Communications  

On occasion we may communicate with you by phone, text, post, email, via the school website and our school report system, VSWare. All parents were sent a text on 5th August 2022.  

If you did not receive this text, please let us know and/or notify us about any change of phone number/address/email/medical conditions etc.    


Uniform & PE Uniform Shop 

Students may wear PE gear only on days they are timetabled for Physical Education class.  

First and Second Year students should wear a tracksuit bottoms and top available from the online PE Uniform Shop which is accessible via the school website, www.glenamaddycs.ie or through https://www.teamwear.ie/your-shop/glenamaddy-community-school.html.

All other students may order the tracksuit bottoms and t-shirts from this website or wear a plain black or navy tracksuit bottoms and a plain t-shirt.  

Students may wear runners on the day they have PE. Full school uniform including black shoes is to be worn on the other school days. Our students wear the school uniform well, please continue to support this. 


School Policies & Code of Good Behaviour  

Each year the Board of Management approves the policies which govern the school. The policies which include the Code of Good Behaviour, Anti Bullying Policy, Homework Policy, Admissions Policy etc. are available on our website www.glenamaddycs.ie. We ask parents to read the Code of Good Behaviour with their children. 

For our code to work, the support & cooperation of parents, staff & students is vital. Students are reminded of the rules regarding the proper use of mobile phones, wearing full uniform and that smoking and vaping is prohibited in school. 

It is a condition of entry to Glenamaddy Community School that all parties sign the Acceptance of the Code of Good Behaviour printed in the School Journal.  


School Attendance – Absence, Lateness & Sign Out Notes  

Students are expected to attend school every day if they are well. If there is an unscheduled school closure, we will text you. Please call if you ever have any doubt. The Absence, Lateness and Sign Out slips in the School Journal are to be presented to the Yearhead and may be required by the National Education Welfare Board.  When signing out during the school day, students must have a note from their parents/guardian and signed permission from their Yearhead. Phone calls between students & parents during the school day should be through the office & not by mobile phone.   


Computers & Business Studies Course (QQI Level 5):

Are you ready for a new challenge in life?  If so, you might like to join our QQI Level 5 Business and Secretarial course.  Experience a wide variety of subjects including Accounting, Payroll, Communications, Work Experience, Business Administration, Typing, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Web Design, Office 365, ICDL and iPad essentials.  Our tuition times/days are flexible & we cater for all levels of learning and abilities.  This is a suitable programme for mature learners, who wish to enter the work force, as well as recent school leavers wishing to secure a college placement.  Please contact the school (094) 9659315 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.


Board of Management   

The Joint Trustees of our school, The Sisters of Mercy and GRETB have appointed the following to serve as members of the Board of Management for 2022-2025. 

Glenamaddy Community School - Board of Management 2022-2025  

Nominees of Sisters of Mercy  

Ms Mary Mullarkey, Mr Martin Ward, Mr Jarlath McDonagh 

Nominees of GRETB 

Mr Seán Duffy, Mr Denis Corry, Cllr Peter Roche  

Nominees of Parents  

Ms Breda Keaveney, Mr Gerry Davis 

Nominees of Teaching Staff  

Ms. Margaret Griffin, Mr John Kennedy  

Family Contribution 

The Board of Management asks all families to contribute the following to the cost of integral student services. Your voluntary contribution is greatly appreciated and goes directly to benefit your children and their school. Families may also avail of the School Insurance Scheme. 

  • One student                                 €60 family contribution + €10 insurance  
  • Two students                                €90 family contribution + €20 insurance 
  • Three or more students                 €120 family contribution + €10 insurance per child.  

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.   


Wishing you all well.

Yours sincerely,   

James Duignan                      Eileen Gildea     

Principal                                  Deputy Principal  



Glenamaddy Community School, Church Street, Glenamaddy, Via Castlerea, Co. Galway, F45KF50 


Telephone +353(0)94 9659315 | Fax +353(0)94 9659354 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

RCN: 20149543