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Ranganna Gaeilge Review by
Anthony Collins.

I have been asked to review the Irish classes that took place in Glenamaddy Community School over the past two months. There was 3 student classes and a mature student class. To assist me with my oral Irish, I decided to attend both classes which I found very beneficial.

The classes ran on Tuesdays from 4pm to 5pm for students and 7.30pm to 8.30pm for adults. The student classes were very popular with at least 45 pupils attending each week, and the adult class usually catered for about 12 people.

Mr Conway, Mr Francis and Ms Burke taught the student classes and rotated classes each week. This was a good idea because it gave us more insight in listening to the spoken Irish in different accents. Mr Conway taught the adult classes. Both classes lasted for ten weeks. At the end of the course we were all presented with a certificate.

The main aim of the junior classes was to encourage young students to speak in Gaelic, as the percentage for the Leaving Cert Irish Oral has increased to 40% of the overall exam. The goal of the Adult classes was to refresh the memories of parents of the Irish language, and to try and keep the spoken Irish alive by encouraging students to say as much in Irish as possible. It would be a shame if we were to lose our native language.

We were taught about the Gaeltachtaí and the fabulous opportunities they offer, which would benefit every student who decided to go there. We also learned about how to prepare for the Irish oral, including how to organise ourselves a study plan and to get the pronunciations right on the day. It was very helpful to learn the basic verbs in Irish and how to use the past, present and future versions in a sentence. We learned about different types of modern day songs in Irish.

The adult classes were much the same, I also learned that the county you live in can affect the way you say a sentence. We took a tour of the school and we were told the names and uses of the different classrooms in the school as Gaeilge which was very informative.

All in all, I thought the Irish classes were very good and I think my level of oral Irish has definitely improved. The junior class was more beneficial to me, because it was aimed at my level. I understood more of it. In my opinion the adult class was too advanced for me as I didn’t  understand a lot of the words, and at times I felt a bit out of my depth. On saying that I am not sorry for doing both classes when I see the improvement in my written and oral Irish.




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