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English at Junior Cert level is a continuation and development of earlier learning in Primary School and in First Year. It is a study of both Language and Literature.

Emphasis is placed on the skills of reading, comprehending, analysing and appreciating different texts. Part of this involves the study of correct usage – grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Learning how to write in a variety of styles and registers is also important. Most of the emphasis is on personal and functional writing.

In terms of literature story telling is vital. A range of short stories, novels, plays and poems are used for both practical and aesthetic purposes.

Project Work

There is no State requirement for projects or practical work in this subject – yet. We do like to improve pupils listening and speaking skills by having Speeches or Debates. We also encourage pupils to enter writing competitions.


There are 3 Junior Cert levels of English :

Foundation:  One two and a half hour paper.

Ordinary: One two and a half hour paper.

Higher: 2 papers. The Language paper is two and a half hours long. So, too, is the Literature paper.

The Higher Level papers are marked out of 360. The remaining 40 marks or 10% was supposed to be allocated to an Oral but this never happened.




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