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Junior Cycle

The new Junior Cycle English course focuses on the key skills of the English language that are applicable in the outside world. The course focuses on a range of Learning Outcomes in the areas of: Oral Language, Reading and Writing.

As part of the new Junior Cycle course, students will complete two Classroom Based Assessments (CBA’s).

CBA 1- “Oral Communication” takes place at the end of second year. As part of this assessment students will design and perform an oral based assignment on a topic that they are interested in. This can take the form of a speech, interview, presentation, instructional guide, radio broadcast or any other oral format that the students and teachers deem appropriate.

CBA 2- “Collection of Texts” takes place before Christmas of Third Year. This is a reflective process designed around improving the student’s creative writing abilities. The students will work on drafting and redrafting some key pieces of work from their collection.

As part of this course students will study a range of novels, plays, poetry, films and non-literary texts. Students are also encouraged to enter competitions in public speaking, essay writing, article writing, and poetry reading.

The subject is divided into higher and ordinary level. The exam itself consists of one two-hour long paper which is marked out of 180 marks. The remaining 20 marks or 10 percent is gained from the assessment task completed after completion of CBA’s.




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